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Three suggestions for staying motivated while doing your A-levels

You completed seven years of primary school, and you are now almost finished with seven years of high school. You’ve completed your coursework and GCSEs; now it’s time for the last obstacle, where persistent motivation could mean the difference between an outstanding mark in your A-level exams. 


Perhaps not unexpectedly, it might seem like a huge obstacle to overcome, and it can be difficult to stay motivated and concentrated. However, here are some suggestions to try and keep you focused on the goal during your A-level exams.

1. Balance Study and Personal Life, even while revising.

You don’t have to study nonstop; it’s crucial to continue your revision without any gaps. For this, you should be breaking the day into three sessions—morning, afternoon, and evening—and working on only two of these is a solid strategy for revision. 


By segmenting the day in this fashion, you can take the morning to attend a yoga class or take the evening off to go to the movies with your friends.


Do whatever it takes to keep you from feeling like a revision robot and keeps you feeling like you!


2. Maintain variety in your revision methods

There are techniques to try to keep yourself interested in what you’re doing, but revision is hardly the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do.


Making time to study with friends, possibly quizzing one another or working through challenging questions, is one method to accomplish this.


Another method is utilizing online resources, which lets you create revision cards online on a computer or a phone and then quiz yourself in various ways to see how well you understand a certain subject. This is far more interesting to me than repeatedly reviewing my notes. Your motivation to continue is more likely to increase when something doesn’t feel like work.

3. Make a plan for when you finish your examinations so you have something to look forward to.

In my opinion, this is a terrific incentive. After exams, knowing that something is exciting you are looking forward to motivates you to work hard so you may enjoy it in any way you have planned.


The desire to spend quality time with your family or to have free time to do something very enjoyable with your friends, however, can be a lot simpler than that.  Planning it out makes it seem more like a target you’re striving for by putting up a lot of effort in your exam preparation.


Just a few small steps like these can help you stay motivated throughout your A-Levels. Although it feels like a marathon, you’ll finish it and feel so much better knowing that you gave it your all. Good luck!

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